Imfene is a scientifically peer-reviewed source of information about baboons, other primates, and their interactions with humans.  We aim to reduce baboon-human conflict and foster sustainable conservation solutions.



Imfene is an information portal for issues at the interface of conservation, education, and science. Our aims are to promote the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable lifestyles by providing a bridge between science and the general public. We are especially interested in issues surrounding the human interface with baboons, as they are representative of larger issues in conservation and can be valuable models for science and conservation education.  We aim to bridge the gap between humans and baboons - and the gap between scientists and the public - by collecting, synthesizing, and disseminating useful information about baboons, commensalism, and conservation.  For more information, please click on the links above!

To ensure that the content on this site is as reliable and objective as possible, we rely on scientific peer review.  All content on this site has been read and critiqued by experts in primate ecology, behavior, and conservation, and revised accordingly.

The conservation issues facing baboons are reflective as well as predictive of the conservation issues facing other species now and in the future. By pro-actively tackling the challenges of baboon conservation, we can raise awareness of these conservation issues and also address some of the challenges faced by other species. Baboon conservation therefore provides an excellent vehicle to raise awareness of global conservation challenges, an essential step towards the philosophical changes required to attain sustainable lifestyles promoting the protection of our biodiversity.