Most of the negative feelings towards baboons are generated by baboons entering our properties. There are very obvious reasons why baboons overlap with our living space (see our diagram on the Causes of Commensalism page). Given this state of affairs, what can we do to minimise it?

Remove Baboon Attractants

There are a few simple things we can do to reduce the attractiveness of our properties to baboons. These strategies involve removing (or rendering inaccessible) the things that attract baboons to our properties in the first place:

  • food
  • water
  • garbage

Use Baboon Deterrents

In addition to reducing the factors that attract baboons, people have also devised and employed various strategies to deter baboons from their properties. Some of these have worked well and others are misguided and/or have failed completely. Here we present an evaluation of the pros, cons, and general effectiveness of some baboon deterrent strategies that we know about and can assess at the present time.

Baboon Attractants and Remedies
Baboon Deterrents

Strategies to reduce baboon-human conflict should focus on reducing the benefits to baboons of seeking human-derived foods (i.e., reduce attractants), or increasing the costs to them of doing so (i.e., effective use of deterrents).  The overarching goal should be to prevent baboons from accessing human-derived foods.  The onus is on property owners to adequately protect their property against these very adaptable, intelligent wild animals!